Agile Leader Intro

How to make the most of this course?

Hi and welcome to our self-paced online course for Agile Leaders… super excited to have you with us.

My name is Sohrab and I am your instructor for this course. Before you dive into the first module, I have a few tipps and tricks I’d like to share with so that you can make the most of the course.

1. Do not binge watch
Binge watching might be great to watch your favorite Netflix series, but it is not considered an effective technique for enhancing your learning and making the knowledge and insights we share stick. One of the better ways is to schedule an appropriate and realistic amount of time that you can spend on a weekly basis and block that time in your calendar e.g. every Tuesday from 5 – 7 pm. My team and I intentionally created short videos so that you can even fit them into smaller timeboxes.

2. Take notes
Grab a notebook and dedicate it to this course and your personal agile leader journey. It is great to have all your notes in one space. If you prefer digital note taking, create a folder right now, where you keep all the notes you take for this course.

3. Share and ask
As a self-paced online course normally does not allow for interaction between trainer and participants, we have created a few options to make the interaction possible:

4. Follow the provided order of lessons and modules
Unless you are using this course as a refresher after participating in one of my live Agile Leadership courses, I highly recommend you follow the provided order. That will give you the best learning experience. Also, make sure you mark all completed lessons as “completed”… otherwise you won’t be able to download your certificate of completion at the end of the course.

5. Be curious, be skeptical, and have fun
My teaching philosophy has always been “I cannot teach you anything, I can only make you think”… Based on that, I will challenge your assumptions in many aspects. I want you to also challenge what I share with you. In leadership there rarely is one correct answer – after all human beings are complex and leadership is all about working with many human beings. So be curious, be skeptical, and most importantly have fun.

Again, it’s a pleasure to have you with us!

Additional resources mentioned in the video

Gary Hamel on “Reinventing Management”: