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Scrum Master & Agile Coach

(approx. 24 hours of video and assignments)

This self-paced online course (SPOC) is designed to help you embark on your Scrum Master & Agile Coach journey. We want to provide you with all the tools and techniques needed to help a team of people build better products in a better way.

This course is full of practical models that help you think differently about many aspects of work. We will share a ton of visuals with you to make learning stick. And, we will tell many stories from the work we have done with various clients and teams.

Enjoy this course from the comfort of your home, your office, or a beach on Seychelles… We created this course with the intention to make learning easier and more sustainable. So dive in, learn, ask, and let us know how you liked it.

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Intro to Scrum Master & Agile Coach

The introduction gives you an overview of this course.

Module 1 : Scrum Framework

This module will help you to get a general understanding of the various terms within Scrum.

Module 2 : Scrum Master

We will deep dive into the responsibilities of this role and also learn whom they serve.

Module 3 : Road to Sprint 1

We will give you an overview of all the things necessary to be ready for a first sprint.

Module 4: Team Formation

This is a deep-dive into how to setup teams and how to create the foundations for success early on.

Module 5: Working Agreements

This module will teach you how to systematically create Working Agreements with your team.

Module 6: Product Goal

This module will teach you how to systematically craft a Product Goal. We will also look at examples from various product categories.

Module 7: Product Backlog

This module will teach you how to move from Product Goal to Product Backlog. We will start with Product Backlog Items and ultimately look at the key characteristics of a great Product Backlog.

Module 8: Context of Agile

In this module we will take a step back and look at the context of Agile: What does Agile mean and why is it important?

Module 9: Scrum Events

In this module we will learn about every event in Scrum incl. the Product Backlog Refinement. We will also learn what a typical schedule can look like.

Module 10: Scrum Team

This module is a deep-dive into the various roles in Scrum: Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Developer.

Module 11: Systematic Team Development

This module covers maybe the most important piece of the Scrum Master responsibility. We cover various models on how to think and ultimately drive team development.

Module 12: Scrum Artifacts

In this module we cover all official artifacts and their commitments from Product Goal to Product Increment. In addition, we will cover a few frequently used artifacts like the Definition of Ready.

Module 13: Kanban

Every great Scrum Master uses multiple tools and techniques to help their teams become effective. Kanban is one of the most powerful tools. This is just an introduction.

Quiz: Test your Scrum Master knowledge

Take the Quiz to test your knowledge, find out what you’ve learned so far, and pass the course ­čśë


This is the end of our course… find out what’s next on your personal agile journey!

Sohrab Salimi


Sohrab is the Founder & CEO of Scrum Academy in Cologne, Germany. He has taught close to 10.000 students in Scrum and Agile Leadership over the past decade. His work and experience in the agile space have been recognized by the world’s most respected agile certification organizations. He is an accomplished Certified Scrum Trainer┬« and Approved Certified Agile Leadership┬« Educator by the Scrum Alliance, where he also served the past 3 years as a member of the Board of Directors.

Sohrab has never been and will never be the typical agilist. His thinking and teaching has been inspired and shaped by his immigrant background, his studies as a medical doctor, his consulting work at Bain & Company, and his experience as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He is the only Certified Scrum Trainer® with a medical degree and who has been accredited as a Strategyzer Coach by Alexander Osterwalder and his company.

Over the past 15 years, Sohrab has worked with large and small organizations all over the world and in various industries primarily in Pharma, Medtech, Automotive, IT, Telco, and Financial Services. This enables him to provide a wide range of examples in the work he does with all his clients.