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The Agile Academy offers you agile online courses for self-learning in addition to live trainings. You can start and complete these courses at any time. With us you get a comprehensive agile education paired with modern online learning methods whenever you want!

I’m impressed by the quality, consistency and depth of the content offered in these online courses. Sohrab’s clear explanations, the visualizations and the bite-sized chunks of information make this a really valuable learning experience.” —

Jef Cumps
Organisational Agility Coach and Trainer

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Start with Why

Why do we offer the agile online courses?

The year 2020 has shown how fast the world can change and how important it is to be open to these changes. The Agile Academy’s goal is to make the world more productive, sustainable and human. We will now expand this promise with an important new cornerstone: self-paced online courses!

We will gradually expand our Agile training offerings to include online courses that you can take anytime, from anywhere, and at your own pace. How does that sound?

Our Mission

We make society more productive, more humane, and more sustainable!

We Want To Make an Impact

How about being able to have your Agile Journey fully self-paced? With Agile Academy E-Learning it is absolutely possible! 

Featured Premium Courses

Which Agile Courses will be provided?

All self-paced online courses are recorded from Scrum Academy. Our trainer Sohrab Salimi and his team are working hard to constantly add more courses.


Agile Leader

In this course you will learn how to become a great Agile Leader who helps teams and organizations succeed.

Sohrab Salimi


Product Owner

In this course you will learn how to become a great Product Owner who creates products and business models that succeed.

Sohrab Salimi


Scrum Master & Agile Coach

In this course you will learn how to become a great Scrum Master & Agile Coach who helps teams deliver better products in a better way.

Sohrab Salimi

Courses coming soon:


Design Thinking

Scaled Agile Framework

Large Scale Scrum


Advanced Scrum Mastery

Product Leadership

Objectives & Key Results (OKR)

and more …


Design Thinking

Scaled Agile Framework

Large Scale Scrum


Advanced Scrum MasteryProduct Leadership

Objectives & Key Results (OKR)

and more …

Want to upgrade your agile skills and have a better work life? See all courses.

Why Choose Us

What Makes Our Agile Online Courses Special?

In addition to the benefits that you get from learning online e.g. a self-paced environment and the possibility to access the platform from wherever and whenever you like, you can also ask questions in the Slack community or address the trainer directly. It is also possible to take each module more than once and you can repeat the tests and the exam as often as you like or need. And if you want to do a training afterwards, you can book it right at the Agile Academy.

Complex Topics Taught In A Simple Way!

We teach models, frameworks and concepts in a simple way so that they are easy to understand!

Great Visualization

We visualize as many things as possible because people do not only learn by hearing but also by seeing things.

Engaging Exercises

Even in our online classes you will find many engaging exercises to experience the topic.

Examples From Various Industries & Projects

We share case studies from various industries and projects we have worked in.

Learn From Other Participants

We connect you to share experience between participants.


Start, pause and continue your agile learning journey whenever it suits you best.

Fits Your Schedule

Either binge watch it or break it up in smaller pieces as you like.

Accessible From Anywhere

At home, at work, during your commute, you can access the courses from anywhere.

Repeat As You Like

Watch it, rewatch it and rewatch it … Repeat exercises and tests as often as you like.


Facilitated Self-paced

Attend regular instructor-led Q&A sessions.

Maximaze Your Potential

Learn the Skills you Need to Succeed Today.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Certificates Earned

”Following the Agile Leader Self Paced course was an outstanding experience. Full of concrete tools and techniques to improve leadership, the course is very well prepared and organized. I’ve already implemented many of the techniques learned in the course in PhotonPath and I must say that the results come quite quickly! Thanks Sohrab and the whole team!” —

Dr. Douglas Aguiar
CEO & Co-Founder

”I very much enjoyed participating in the first online course on “Agile Leadership” by Sohrab Salimi. The design of the modules is excellent, the visuals are easy to remember, and the focus is on practical implementation. They are enhanced with sufficient theory input and many references to further reading. Sohrab’s accompanying coaching with our practical cases helped me a lot in the concrete implementation. Many thanks to you and your team. Sohrab.” —

Dr. Margret Klinkhammer
Managing Partner

Pricing Plan

3 Models – Your Choice!

No matter which package you are interested in, we offer volume discounts for our customers asking for 10+ licenses. We also offer lower prices for people and organizations in lower income countries.

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About the Instructor

Sohrab Salimi

Co-Founder & CEO of Scrum Academy, Certified Scrum Trainer®, Certified Agile Leadership Educator

Sohrab is a trained Certified Scrum Trainer® and Approved Certified Agile Leadership® Educator with the Scrum Alliance. He has worked with large and small organizations around the world and in various industries, mainly in Pharma, Medtech, Automotive, IT, Telco and Financial Services.

Sohrab was also a member of the Scrum Alliance Board of Directors until the end of 2020. He is the only Certified Scrum Trainer® accredited by Alexander Osterwalder and his company as a Strategyzer Coach.

In the last five years alone, Sohrab has trained more than 5,000 people to become Certified ScrumMaster®, Certified Scrum Product Owner® and Certified Agile Leader®.

To help more people participate in his trainings and steadily improve in their daily work, he began creating self-paced e-learning courses on agile topics and roles in 2020. The online courses mirror the topics of Sohrab’s live trainings and have a similar curriculum with additional features added.

You can learn more about Sohrab on his Agile Academy trainer profile.

Image: Sohrab Salimi

Frequently Asked Questions

What you’ll need to know about self-paced online courses at Agile Academy.

What is the difference between a live training and an online course?

The live trainings are conducted by a certified trainer remotely or as an on-site seminar and are certified by the Scrum Alliance (Scrum Master, Scrum Developer, Product Owner, Agile Leadership, Scrum Foundations), Kanban University (Kanban) or other well-known and internationally recognized companies. All trainings are conducted live on a specific date.

The online courses are recorded e-learning courses from Agile Academy trainers. Thus, the modules of these courses can be started and completed at any time. All online courses include a certificate from the course provider or conducting trainer.

Are the online courses certified?

Upon successful completion of a course, participants receive a certificate from the partner company that created the e-learning online course.

Who are the online courses designed for?

If you already have previous experience and are interested in the knowledge of a specific role and the associated activities, the online courses for Scrum Master, Product Owner or Agile Leader are certainly the right choice for you.

If you are new to agile and you want to get to know the basics, the Agile Fundamentals, probably the most well-known agile frameworks, are available to you as an online course free of charge.

Scrum Fundamentals then in turn covers the Scrum framework, associated roles and rituals to help you understand them better.

What content is covered?

Once you click on a course, you’ll see an overview with al learning objectives. There you can see which topics are covered in which module and how the course is structured in general.

How long does a self-study course take?

The length of the courses varies between the individual topics. The online courses on the roles of Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Leader involve about 16 to 20 hours of self-study, while the foundation courses can be worked through in five to eight hours.
The courses themselves are divided into individual modules and lessons, which usually take between ten and 20 minutes to complete.

How long do I have access to the course?

This depends on which pricing model you have chosen. If you have chosen the Single Course model, you have life-time access to the course you have purchased.

If you have chosen one of the subscription models, you have access to all available courses for the period of your active subscription. The subscription can be cancelled annually and will be renewed for another year.

To access your courses, you must sign in. You can then access your courses at any time via your user profile or the course overview. You can revisit completed courses at any time and repeat the modules or lessons.

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